Purpose Statement

Serve humanity by creating a flourishing environment: by valuing relationships, integrity, innovation and excellence

Company Values:

EACH OTHER – We will value each other and everyone we encounter
INTEGRITY – We will always act ethically; with the highest level of honesty & fairness
COMMITMENT – We will strive to be dedicated and loyal to ourselves and our customers
QUALITY – We will consistently create high quality products
POSITIVITY – We will strive to be positive everyday
PROFITABILITY – We will create profit for ourselves and our business associates

Established in 1994, PumpingSol is an international supplier of complex skid-mounted pumping systems. We provide many years of design and manufacturing experience and knowledge about pumping systems integration. Satisfied customers use hundreds of our pumping skids across: North and South America, Asia and Australia. Many of our customers tell us what they want the system to accomplish along with the basic parameters, and then our team of qualified engineers and technicians do the rest using the latest CAD software and Electrical Controls Technology. We are “the can do company.” At PumpingSol, we listen to our customer’s and we offer innovative solutions that target their particular needs. Give us a call today, and you will understand why our customers become long term partners.

PumpingSol capabilities are:

  • Mechanical Engineering, using the latest 3-D solid modeling designs, with finite element analysis up to date with all industry standards and the latest technologies.
  • Electrical engineering, with the expertise to design simple to complex control systems from initial concept to installation using the latest: PLC controls and Human Machine interface technologies.
  • Manufacturing plant has: conventional machine shop, fabrication shop, fully automated Robotic welding and plasma cutting, qualified assemblers, ASME B31-3 certified welders/pipefitters and an electrical panel shop.
  • In addition we have testing capabilities and a considerable inventory.

To find out more about our Packaged Pumping Systems, cooling skid systems or packaged chemical metering pump skid systems call one of our Sales Engineers at (770) 740-8866 today!