PumpingSol chemical mixing equipment is engineered and fabricated in house. The process that we use to design and manufacture our chemical mixing equipment and pumping systems assures that all specifications are met. When choosing what kind of mixing equipment to purchase there are several factors to consider. The type of metering or mixing pump that will be used in the system is critical. The heart of our chemical mixing equipment is the pump. Another important factor to consider when sizing and designing chemical mixing equipment is that type of chemical that the system will be mixing. This is another critical part of the process because different chemicals have different compatibility issues that need to be addressed when designing the system. Our chemical mixing equipment pump skids are fully automated and packaged so that they can be dropped into place and work with minimal installation required. PumpingSol understands how important our chemical mixing equipment is for your company and we strive to build high quality mixing equipment that satisfies your requirements with a quick turn around time.

Since PumpingSol is not tied down to any one particular brand of pump or accessory, we provide chemical mixing equipment and pumping systems that fit the individual needs of our clients. We have been producing chemical mixing systems and chemical blending equipment for almost 15 years and are fully prepared for any issues that may arise. Our engineers and technicians are trained and kept up to date with the latest chemical industry news and we are ready to design and fabricate chemical mixing equipment and systems that utilize the latest technolgies available.

Why should I use PumpingSol as my chemical mixing equipment supplier?
PumpingSol does not cut corners and we will only supply equipment that meets our high standards. We also provide all inclusive service when it comes to our packaged chemical mixing equipment and systems, all design, fabrication, and support functions are all under one roof.

What do I have to do to ensure my chemical mixing equipment meets all of my needs?
Provide us with an overall idea of what you want the system to do. We need to know if we will be mixing, blending, metering or transfering chemicals. We also need to know the type of chemicals involved so that we make sure all of the chemical compatibility issues are addressed.

What is the typical amount of time it takes to design and fabricate chemical mixing equipment?
Typically 6-8 weeks but that depends on several factors. We can provide systems in as little as 3-4 weeks if it is a time critical application. However, certain components have long lead times that may affect the delivery time as well. If this is the case, we can come up with other solutions that will complete the system in a shorter amount of time.

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