PumpingSol provides chemical transfer skids and components. Whether you are buying one pump, or want multiple pumps mounted on a common base, PumpingSol can engineer, fabricate and commission just about any chemical transfer application. We have been in the pumping business for years and understand chemical transfer systems from the inside out. You can rest assured that the job gets done right and on time. Our chemical transfer systems are built with quality in mind. Take one look at one of our chemical transfer systems and it is clear that we take pride in what we do and we stand behind our systems 100%. We take the extra steps necessary to ensure we exceed your expectations. We use flexible stainless steel hoses and bellows to reduce vibration and increase the longevity of pumping system. We also use welded connections where possible to further reduce possibility of leakage. We know what questions to ask and our staff is knowledgeable about every aspect of chemical transfer skids. We will assist you in finding the right choice for your application.

PumpingSol pump skids are specifically designed and fabricated to meet the needs of your specific flow-chemical application requirements. For metering applications, transfer, heating, cooling, filtration, pressure regulation or any combination of the above, our engineers will work with you to design a pumping system that will meet your schedule, space and budgetary requirements.

Applications include:

  • Boiler Feed-Water, Water Treatment chemicals
  • Peroxide 30-70% concentrations
  • Urea and Ammonia
  • Any type of dyes used in the Pulp and Paper industry
  • Ask us about your specific application