As the population expands worldwide and the need for clean air, water and food grows, our global environment comes under severe pressure as air & water pollution by Industry, power generation and transportation accelerates. PumpingSol’s response to this urgent need is fluid metering and injection systems for pollution control.

PumpingSol’s Skid mounted systems for SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) and SNCR (Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction) solutions designed to reduce pollution in power generation, cement, industrial and municipal applications. 

PumpingSol pollution-control division has many years of experience and know-how in providing engineered packages for pollution control and environmental solutions to include:

  • Skid mounted injection system for SNCR & SCR applications.
  • Skid mounted high pressure spillback water systems for particulate remediation/removal.
  • Skid mounted, or wall-mounted electrical control system to monitor the process and adjust injection system flow.
  • Injection lances and ancillary components.  
  • Storage tanks with complete instrumentations and monitoring system.
  • Truck unloading and tank filling skid mounted systems to include control panels for semi or completely automated systems.
  • Complete turn-key solutions to include all of the above and support.

      PumpingSol is a reliable supplier of pollution control and environmental solutions and equipment to several OEM’s that require on our injection systems know how to meet the ever-increasing government and regulatory requirements that plants need to meet for compliance. In addition, we provide SNCR injection systems for standby power generators used by various clients such as hospitals, government agencies, IT and banking centers and more. 

     When you hire PumpingSol to provide a pollution control injection solution, your team can rest assured that team PumpingSol has you covered. Our in-house process, mechanical and controls engineers will work closely with our clients to understand the specific pollution control and environmental requirements. The project continuation includes design, manufacture and test the skid mounted system and spray lances at our facility, before field installation.    

PumpingSol’s legacy goal is cleaner air and safer drinking water for the generations that follow us. Contact PumpingSol to discuss your pollution control and environmental needs. You’ll be glad you did.