PumpingSol has experience in pH control metering systems, with some of the most aggressive chemicals. We have built many pH control metering systems to handle harsh chemicals like sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, peroxide, caustic soda, urea, biocides, etc. All the piping components and parts that come in touch with the chemicals are chosen for chemical compatibility and design pressure. Here are some of the materials we use: 316 SS, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, polypropylene, polyethylene, kynar, etc. The components are: threaded, glued, flanged, and welded or compression type connections. In addition we use specially designed protective coatings to go over Steel or SS frames for corrosive environments.

Our pH control metering systems are built with safety devices in place should there be problems. As an example, if a pump is turned on without opening a valve, the safeties in our pH control metering systems have been designed to protect both your equipment and personnel. We also build self-contained bases to contain possible leaks. PumpingSol pH control metering systems are designed with reliability in mind, furthermore for easy access for maintenance or repair.

  • Anaerobic digesters like sodium bicarbonate into waste streams
  • Ferric chloride, ferrous chloride, and potassium permanganate to control odors in groundwater, finished water, and wastewater
  • Fluid fertilizers that contain sulfur for spray distribution on alkaline soils to improve the acidic composition
  • High temperature mixture condensate samples
  • Scaling, corrosion, and fouling control chemicals for cooling towers, water treatment systems and boiler feed water applications
  • Sodium hypochlorite to handle finished water chlorination or bleaching for the pulp and paper industry
  • Solvents in coatings industry for ketones and alcohols to expand solids content with product reduction of viscosity
  • Alkaline‚Äôs for the pH neutralization for chemicals such as sodium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide or, acids such as sulfuric acid
  • Blending of raw materials for the adhesive production industry
  • Concentrate to convert for the food/beverage industry
  • Hydrochloric acid used for the production of inorganic or organic chemicals, pickling of hot steel, and oil well acidizing
  • Hydrogen peroxide utilized as a bleaching agent for the food processing, paper production and recycling, and textile industries
  • Water dechlorination for chemicals listed (to name a few) sodium metabisulfate, sodium sulfate, and ammonium bisulfate