Established in 1994, PumpingSol has become an international supplier of complex skid-mounted pumping systems. Our systems include chemical metering skids, product transfer skids, heat transfer skids, and polymer application skids for chemical, pulp-paper, municipal, wastewater treatment, food and beverage, commercial and mining applications.

As the need for skid-mounted pumping systems increases, we provide a combined 200 years of design and manufacturing experience and knowledge about pumping systems integration. In addition, we are “the can do company.” We listen to our customer’s and we offer innovative solutions that target their particular needs. Our custom control panels allow one point hookup and offer traditional controls as well as variable frequency drive (VFD) controls, PLC control, SCADA communications, and 24/7 alarm reporting to beepers or cell phones.

We strive to build quality products, while being accountable and honest in everything that we do. We stand behind our work and refuse to sacrifice quality to save a few dollars. We firmly believe in developing open and long lasting relationships with our customers and team members.

Our pumping systems are engineered to help companies solve process problems while maintaining a high level of quality and efficiency. Many of our customers tell us what they want the system to accomplish along with the basic parameters, and then our team of qualified engineers and technicians do the rest using the latest CAD design software. Customers with precise specifications and drawing packages will be pleased to learn that we do not cut corners and we will meet their exact specifications.

Give us a call at (770) 740-8866 today. We look forward to serving you.