As the need for oil and gas is increasing with climbing prices, the need for precision Custody Transfer and Measuring Systems is becoming crucial for both suppliers and receivers. Quantity and Quality of crude oils and derivatives are precisely measured and monitored by PumpingSol Custody Transfer Systems.

Typical Custody Transfer solutions include pipeline metering and loading, unloading and transloading of rail cars, tanker trucks, barges, ships & tank farms. Whenever ownership of a product is being transferred from one party to another it is critical to use a well designed, reliable and accurate Custody Transfer System. Many times the term “Fiscal Metering” is used in place of Custody Transfer and is more directly pointed to the location where the transfer of ownership takes place.

The heart of a Custody Transfer System is the flow measuring device. These are commonly referred to as the “flow meter”. The flow meter is the device that captures the process critical data that records how much product is transferring between the buyer and seller. This has also been described as the cash register for the Oil and Gas industry. If your cash register isn’t running right, you are not making money.

There are many forms of flow meters available, but each application should be treated on its own merits when selecting the flow measuring device. If the wrong meter is selected for the application, the process could become difficult to operate and maintain and ultimately the accuracy of the Custody Transfer Systems would suffer. Not all flow meters are up to Custody Transfer accuracy level requirements. Great care must be used when designing the correct Custody Transfer System for the application.

What is essential to meet Custody Transfer requirements? Compliance with governing body regulations such as ISO, API and AGA and metrology standards such as NIST, GOST, OIML, ONML, PTB, CMC. Generally, there are two main paths taken on how the Custody Transfer is handled. One is a Contract between buyer and seller. This written contract is usually done when handling large volume transfers. The second type of requirement is legal metrology that is commonly traceable from Weights and Measures.

PumpingSol Oil and Gas Custody Transfer Systems are designed to petroleum industry standards and are shipped as a turn-key custody transfer solutions to terminals throughout the world. Oil and Gas Custody Transfer Systems can be designed and built as a mechanical unit or as a complete package with integrated control systems. Our mechanical engineering employs the latest in 3-D CAD and design technology, while our electrical engineering department has the knowledge and capacity to create simple skid mounted control units to the very complex multi-terminal control room systems integration; with PLC to HMI interface technology and flow computers. These systems are designed and manufactured at our facility and can be field commissioned by our engineers.

Our liquid Custody Transfer Systems provide accurate and reliable fiscal metering over a long period of time. PumpingSol systems are also used in alternative fuel or chemical liquid transfer applications.

You got questions? Give PumpingSol a call at (770) 740-8866 and one of our engineers will help you find the solution for your custody transfer needs.