PumpingSol designs Custody Measuring Systems to provide a packaged solution to your specific requirements; while meeting industry and government standards such as NIST & API guidelines.

If your job calls for a complete skid mounted Custody Measuring System. PumpingSol has the experience and capabilities to create turn-key solutions that are ready to be set in place and connected on the day that it is delivered.

PumpingSol can custom design your Custody Measuring System to meet your specific process needs.

System variations can include:

  • filtration options
  • water content monitoring
  • density measuring
  • stream composition analysis
  • additive injection
  • blending/mixing
  • pressure and temperature monitoring
  • mass measurement
  • sampling
  • water & glycol separation
  • flow & pressure controls
  • batching controls
  • proving
  • air removal/deaeration
  • grounding
  • valve options
  • flame & gas detection
  • custom controls

Precise measurement of crude oil, alternative energy fluids, natural gas liquids, and other fluids during custody transfer is critical to the process. It is known that variations in temperature can lead to changes in density and if these are not monitored and adjusted for in the measuring process, they can lead to massive monetary losses in time for both seller and buyer.

We know precision is crucial in custody transfer, therefore, in addition to supplying Custody Transfer Measuring Systems, PumpingSol has been involved in the design and fabrication of a calibration system for coriolis type flow meters to the process and petroleum industry.

We take pride in our high quality of work and expertise we bring to our clients. PumpingSol stands behind all of our systems and will be there for our clients and their clients when they need assistance. Our in house process engineers will work with you to help determine the optimum Custody Transfer Measuring System for your budget and conditions.

Not only do we design & build our Custody Transfer Measuring Systems in-house, but we also provide in-depth testing and onsite startup & commissioning services for our clients.

Typical media being transferred with Custody Transfer Measuring Systems includes: gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, diesel fuels, light crude oil, heavy crude oil, biofuels, naphtha (Sometime called naptha), condensate, NGL, NGL, LNG, LPG, fuel oil, paraffin wax, lubricating oils, petrochemicals, asphalt, tar, bio-diesel, ethanol.