PumpingSol designs Custody Transfer Metering Skids to provide packaged pumping solutions to your specific requirements, while meeting industry and government standards such as API guidelines. If your job calls for a complete skid mounted Custody Transfer Metering system. PumpingSol has the experience and capabilities to create turn-key solutions for quick and easy jobsite installation.

Precise measurement of crude oil, alternative energy fluids, natural gas liquids, gaseous products and other fluids during custody transfer is critical to the process. It is commonly known that variations in temperature can lead to changes in density. If these are not monitored and adjusted for in the measuring process they can lead to massive monetary losses in time for both seller and buyer.

In addition to supplying Custody Transfer Metering Skids, PumpingSol has been involved in the design and fabrication of a calibration system for coriolis type flow meters, a worldwide leader and supplier of flow meters to the process and petroleum industry, because we know that accuracy of measurement is crucial for custody transfer applications.

What are critical considerations when designing and building Custody Transfer Metering Skids? Client’s specific application requirements are of the utmost importance. If you cannot meet what the client requires than you are not providing the solutions to their needs. Additionally, compliance with governing body regulations such as ISO, API & AGA and metrology standards such as NIST, GOST, OIML, ONML, PTB, CMC are critical factors in system design and costs.

In the case that you do not know what exactly you need, but have a general idea of the project goals feel free to drop one of our sales engineers a line and we can work out a solution together. We may have a standard solution available for quick turnaround that meets your project needs.

PumpingSol advantages are:

  • All in-house engineering, manufacturing, assembly and testing. We have a fulltime staff of competent mechanical and electrical controls engineers who have worked on many complex fluid process systems. Our pipe welding is done by trained and certified welders to pass ASME/ANSI, API standards and X-ray or any other testing methods.
  • Single source responsibility. This means responsibility rests with one party and the client does not spend time going in circles trying to get work done between various parties and helps the project get finished on time and in budget.
  • Although at times upfront equipment investment may be slightly higher than in-field fabrication, the drop-in-place time savings, not tying up current operations with onsite fabrication, equipment & hot work permits and pretested systems add great value and save money in your project’s budget.
  • Quick turnaround by using the latest in 3-D design software. You will see how the system looks in virtual design before the first piece of metal is cut.
  • Having a highly trained flexible team, using the latest in robotic technology and high speed manufacturing process tools.
  • We are brand independent; therefore, we will work with you to provide what works best or is preferred in instrumentation and controls platforms. This flexibility allows for multiple solutions to a problem and provides the client with choices in how they want the system executed or packaged.
  • In-house full functional testing with optional customer witness test prior to shipment.
  • The ability to work with the engineers that will be designing and optimizing your solutions. We feel very strongly with removing middle-men that complicate the process and produce undesired results and delay progress.
  • UL certified package skid builder (QCZJ.E344791) and ISO9001:2008* (Certifications in process)

PumpingSol packaged solutions are:

  • Custody transfer systems for Crude oil, LPG, Bio-fuels and other petroleum products.
  • Integrated Fluid Blending and Metering systems.
  • Calibration and proving of measuring systems.
  • Loading or unloading of tank trucks and railcars with local control.
  • Transloading operations for rail, truck, barge and tank transfers.
  • Complete Multi Station loading and unloading systems fully integrated with the latest controls technology, such as: PLC controls, HMI customized (Human machine interface) MCC integration, Flow Computer with data acquisition system.
  • Where involved or custom controls are not required, simple packaged systems with manual operations, preset batch controllers or even remote controls elsewhere in the plant.
  • Gasoline & Diesel pipeline terminal truck loading and blending systems.
  • In-house testing and optional FAFT with customer present before shipping takes place.

Whether you have a liquid or gas Custody Transfer application, give PumpingSol a try and you will understand why our customers become long term partners and keep on coming back.

Drop PumpingSol a line at ++ (1) 770.740.8866 and ask for one of our sales engineers today!