PumpingSol’s fiscal metering systems start from a single lane fiscal metering skid to complete storage terminal management solutions and are all designed with quality and ease of maintenance in mind. When it comes to fiscal metering skids or systems, accuracy is key and this is where PumpingSol really excels. In addition to building many fiscal metering skids and storage terminal control systems worldwide, PumpingSol has engineered and built a fluid handling system used in the calibration & certification of Coriolis flow meters by a major worldwide manufacturer of flow-meters and instrumentation. Coriolis flow meters are some of the most accurate instruments for flow measurement currently in the market, as they measure mass & density. PumpingSol was honored to be chosen by the major manufacturer to design and build the Coriolis flow meter calibration system. As the Coriolis flow-meters calibrated on the PumpingSol built fluid calibration system will help ensure the highest level of accuracy for fiscal fluid metering worldwide for years to come.

The terms “fiscal metering skids” and “custody transfer metering skids” are interchangeable terms that refer to the transfer of raw and refined petroleum products between tanks, tankers and ships. In addition to the fiscal metering skids PumpingSol can also handle the complete automation of your crude or refined storage terminal. Once our fiscal metering skids have made it to your site, all that’s usually required is a hook up on the suction and discharge side and the system is ready to go. Since a high level of accuracy is required, PumpingSol uses only flow-meters that have been approved by the American Petroleum Institute (API) for fiscal metering applications.

We have the capability to build from single lane fiscal metering skids all the way to multilane fully integrated fiscal metering and storage terminal solutions. PumpingSol has built several crude oil and refined oil storage terminal automation systems that include the fiscal metering skids, flow-computers, HMI & PLC custom controls systems all the way to FAMSI which is PumpingSol’ s custom fluid terminal database and management software. In addition we can integrate the facility security systems, to allow the operators to see what is going on real time at the facility and handle the controls of the system from a centralized hub.

PumpingSol handles all of the complex components of the storage terminal such as the fiscal metering and fluid handling, together with the control systems that are the heart of the terminal. The systems we build can also print up QR or Barcodes for each truck as they come in to the terminal for loading. This helps the operator manage the operation better, save time and also reduce theft or error tremendously. Since PumpingSol handles all of the complex parts of the project you can rest assured that the fiscal metering skids and all the different components of the terminal controls & automation system will be factory tested and ready for delivery on time and on budget.

Once the fiscal metering skids are installed and all the piping and electrical connections are made, PumpingSol’s field commissioning engineers will assist onsite to help facilitate a quick startup of the fiscal metering skid. PumpingSol troubleshoots and fine-tunes the system, while training the storage terminal operators how to operate their new fiscal metering skid. Give us a chance at earning your business and you will understand why our clients become long term PumpingSol partners.