In today’s world of fast growth as millions of people move up to affording personal cars and better life the existing supply chain for crude oil and all hydrocarbon derivates is barely keeping up with the demand. PumpingSol designs and manufactures many different types of fluid unloading and loading skids for trucks and Rail-cars. These fluid unloading and loading skids can be built in record time if the client is open to having one of our standard designed skid packages with fast delivery of the shelve components, depending on the clients choice for either trucks or Rail-cars. The client interested in a custom design package solution for the fluid unloading and loading skids for trucks or rail cars, has PumpingSol is on its side. As we provided many clients with skids and controls systems integrated truck unloading and measuring terminals. We have everything under one roof from design to building the truck unloading and loading skids for fluids and the control systems in-house, and ship them to the jobsite for quick installation and startup. This method is known to save precious time to the end user.

We have united a unique group of people all in the same team to include systems & controls engineering with highly trained technicians and a quality-manufacturing environment. PumpingSol engineering team is made up of the best in the industry, our experienced process and mechanical engineers together with our electrical engineering group is proficient on all the latest in engineering software such as PLC and electrical controls solutions for fluid handling including familiarity with most of the major flow-computers. We will design your fluid unloading and loading skids for trucks or rail-cars by employing the latest in 3-D design CAD software package including systems analysis.

Here are a few types of the systems that PumpingSol has designed & manufactured: Custody transfer fluid systems for all types of hydrocarbons, from basic to complex terminal automation controls integration. Truck unloading skids for light crude, diesel and any other petroleum derivates. Complete Truck unloading terminals with up to 14 unloading bays. Each individual truck unloading or loading skid is in concert with the PumpingSol built Terminal control systems all integrated with the adjacent tank farm. The controls integration and automation for the truck unloading or loading skids to include: MCC’s (motor control center), PLC and HMI (human machine interface), flow computer integration and operators PC with several monitors all working in harmony with the overall Truck unloading terminal system that includes tank farms and pumping booster stations for moving the crude oil to refineries or to the ports.

PumpingSol manufacturing team is made up by a select group of experienced technicians in fluid-handling for both mechanical and electrical controls. Our team of welders is tested trained & certified according to AWS. We are now in the process of implementing the ISO 9001 program. Our customer can be assured that the PumpingSol built fluid unloading and loading skids for trucks and rail-car terminals, are built by the best trained technicians in the industry, these technicians know how operate our modern robotic welding and automated cutting machinery. Furthermore, we only incorporate quality components on PumpingSol built fluid unloading and loading skids, from verified manufacturers to ensure trouble free installation and long-term reliability. Therefore PumpingSol built fluid unloading and loading systems and skids are of the highest quality available on the market today.

Fallowing manufacturing and initial QC all PumpingSol built fluid unloading and loading systems and skids go through a rigorous testing at our plant. Our qualified engineers and technicians run all possible test scenarios, to simulate how the equipment would be required to operate in the field. The truck or rail-car unloading and loading skids are connected to our test stand, as we are testing the skids by running fluid through each fluid unloading and loading skid individually.

After each fluid truck or rail-car unloading and loading skid and associated controls system have been fully tested by our team. PumpingSol invites our clients to our plant to witness the equipment running while offering training and making final adjustments as requested by the customer. Once the client is fully satisfied with their new fluid unloading or loading systems or skid, PumpingSol will proceed to the final internal QC in preparation for shipping.

Once the system is installed, piped and connected within the local terminal. PumpingSol will send one of our qualified engineers to assist the client with the system start up and fine tuning of the new fluid unloading and loading skid at the job site. Because of our diligent and thorough in-house testing we are saving precious time at the field startup and commissioning