LACT, Lease Automatic Custody Transfer unit is one of the most critical elements in custody transfer (ownership transfer) systems of crude oil and main petroleum products from the production facilities to trucks, railcars, pipelines or storage tanks.

The main objective of LACT unit is to transfer the produced oil to the pipeline. LACT skid is equipped with a BS&W (base sediment and water) monitor and if the content is below a preset percentage, the oil is analyzed, measured and transferred to the pipeline. Lease Automatic Custody Transfer skids could be purchased as the fully automated or semi-automated 24h/7d operation.

It is important to note that PumpingSol Engineering and Production Personnel have been working over the years on a wide variety of projects, so when it comes to a custom job or LACT system we know there is no job too small or too big for our experienced staff. We will design and build the Lease Automatic Custody Transfer LACT unit to fit your specific requirements, while meeting the industry standards for Fluid Custody Transfer.

The major components and features of one LACT, Lease Automatic Custody Transfer unit are:

  1. harge Pump (Centrifugal pump is typically used, some Unloading sites may use positive displacement (PD) pump);
  2. BS&W Probe and Monitor;
  3. Inline Strainer with Air Eliminator;
  4. Automatic Sampling System with Collection Tank;
  5. Three Way Diverting Valve (Aux line is piped back to the holding tank for future processing, the min line is piped to the master meter);
  6. Custody Transfer Meter;
  7. Prover Connection Lines with two Isolation Valves and one DB&B Valve;
  8. Back Pressure Valve;
  9. Electrical Control Panel, Class 1, Div.2;
  10. Pressure Gauges;
  11. All piping built per ASME B31.3 and Hydro Tested per FAT;
  12. Open type skid base frame. Skid and piping to be powder coated.

Some of the optional features of LACT unit are:

  1. Loading, Unloading and Vapor Recovery Lines;
  2. Manual Isolation and Check Valves;
  3. Emergency Stop Device (ESD);
  4. Key-lock Totalizer;
  5. Printer in NEMA-3R Enclosure;
  6. Temperature Instruments;
  7. Duplex Basket Strainer;
  8. High capacity air eliminator,
  9. Skid Drip Pan with Drain Connection;
  10. Canopy over Control Panel;
  11. Metal or Fiberglass Cold Weather Skid Enclosure/Building.

In today’s world of fast growth as millions of people move up to affording personal cars and better life the existing supply chain for crude oil and all hydrocarbon derivates is barely keeping up with the demand. PumpingSol designs and manufactures a variety of fluid unloading and loading skids for trucks and Rail-cars, including Lease Automatic Custody Transfer LACT Units. These custody transfer fluid measuring skids can be built in record time, if the client is open to having one of our standard design skid packages with of the shelve components for trucks or Rail-cars loading or unloading. The client interested in a custom design package solution for fluid Custody transfer systems or LACT units has PumpingSol is on its side. As we have provided many clients with skids and controls systems integrated truck unloading and measuring terminals. PumpingSol has everything under one roof from engineering to fabricating the custody transfer skids or LACT units for fluids to include the control systems, and ship them to the jobsite for quick installation and startup. This method is known to save precious time to the end user.

PumpingSol has engineered and manufactured: Custody transfer fluid systems for all types of hydrocarbons, from basic to complex terminal automation controls integration. Truck unloading skids for light crude, diesel and any other petroleum derivates. In addition PumpingSol has manufactured loading and unloading measuring systems for most chemical fluids on the market such as Ammonia, Hydrogen-Peroxide and high concentration Sulfuric acid.
Furthermore we have built the skids & controls systems for Truck unloading terminals with up to 14 unloading bays. Each individual truck unloading or loading skid is in concert with the PumpingSol built Terminal control systems all integrated with the adjacent tank farm. The controls integration and automation for the truck unloading or loading skids to include: MCC’s, PLC and HMI, flow computer integration and operators PC with several monitors all working in harmony with the entire Truck unloading terminal system that includes tank farms and booster pumping stations for moving the crude oil to refineries or to the ports, or storage tanks for chemical fluids.

PumpingSol team is made up by a select group of experienced engineers & technicians in fluid-handling for both mechanical and electrical controls. Our welders are tested trained & certified according to AWS. We are in the process of implementing the ISO 9001 program. Our customer can be assured that the PumpingSol built Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) Units, are built by the best technicians & engineers in the industry. Moreover, we only incorporate quality components on PumpingSol built fluid Custody Transfer skids, from verified manufacturers to ensure trouble free installation and long-term reliability. Therefore PumpingSol built fluid measuring systems and custody transfer skids are of the highest quality available on the market today.
Fallowing manufacturing and initial QC all PumpingSol built fluid Custody Transfer systems and skids go through a rigorous testing at our plant. Our qualified engineers and technicians run all possible test scenarios, to simulate how the equipment would be required to operate in the field. The fluid Custody Transfer skids are connected to our test stand, as we are testing the skids by running fluid through each fluid custody transfer skid individually.
After each Custody Transfer fluid measuring skid and associated controls system have been fully tested by our team. PumpingSol invites our clients to our plant to witness the equipment running while offering training and making final adjustments as requested by the customer. After the client is trained and fully satisfied with their new fluid measuring systems, or Lease Automatic Custody Transfer LACT Unit PumpingSol, will proceed to the final internal QC in preparation for shipping.

Once the system has been installed of piped and connected within the local terminal in the field. PumpingSol will send one of our qualified engineers or partners to assist the client with the system start up and fine tuning of the newly installed fluid measuring system or Lease Automatic Custody Transfer LACT Unit.
Our diligent and thorough in-house testing is saving precious time at the field startup and commissioning. Our clients know when they purchase a PumpingSol built Lease Automatic Custody Transfer LACT unit, they are getting the best quality, delivery, service and attractive pricing. Give us an opportunity to earn your trust and you will understand why our clients become long term partners.