PumpingSol has global experience in Skid Mounted Loading Systems. Our fully integrated systems provide you with highest quality skid-mounted loading, unloading and metering systems. These systems are the latest answer to the increasing demand from oil, gas, petrochemical, bio-fuels and other fluids. In addition we offer the highest quality systems and timely delivery; because we listen to understand what our customers want.

At PumpingSol, our engineers work with you to create the right solution that best fits your custom application(s). Our systems are unique and job specific for your project and you will work directly with a dedicated engineer starting early in the proposal process. Our engineers will get back to you if we think that you have under-specified a project and we will tell you, too if we think that you have over-specified it. Our goal is always to engineer and build the skid system what customer wants, but we will never hide our honest and professional feedback if we see there is a difference between what is “wanted” and what is “needed”. Simply saying we indeed care about our customers. PumpingSol uses the latest design and manufacturing technology available with constant training for our engineers and personnel to be current on new design tools. Designing systems that offer job specific and cost-effective solutions to meet your custom loading, unloading and measuring system applications.

PumpingSol manufactures a range of customized integrated liquid custody transfer packages. Some examples are:

  • Fluid Blending and Metering Systems;
  • Calibration and Proving of Metering Systems;
  • Loading or Unloading of tank trucks and railcars with local control;
  • Complete Multi Station Loading and Unloading Systems fully integrated with the latest controls technology, such as: PLC controls, HMI customized (Human Machine Interface) MCC integration, Flow Computer with Data Acquisition System (DAS);
  • Custody Transfer Systems for Crude oil, LPG and Biofuels;
  • Gasoline & Diesel Pipeline Terminal Truck Loading and Blending Systems.

Skid mounted loading and metering systems, include: pump, flow-meter (flow sensor) and the instrumentation require for a fully or partially automated packages. These complete systems are linked with customer data system for invoicing and inventory control.

PumpingSol Systems capabilities for Skid-mounted and measuring systems include:

  • In-house engineering, design, manufacturing, testing and training;
  • Field commissioning (start-up) packages;
  • Optionally, integration of PumpingSol supplied system with end user control system.


  • All in-house process, mechanical, electrical and PLC/HMI programming engineering, P&ID, 2D & 3D CADD, manufacturing and testing;
  • Professional design consultation;
  • Turnkey systems provide: single source for responsibility and guarantees;
  • Factory tested equipment prior to shipment;
  • Reduced overall project costs, improved quality and delivery lead time;
  • Compact design arrangement ideally suited to limited space constraints on job site;
  • Reduced installation time;
  • Built for easy access maintenance and service friendly;
  • Complete and detailed System Dossier/IOM Manual in a PDF file;
  • Single source for spare parts and technical support;
  • No question asked, “Why did I build it on job site?”

Industry standards as required:

  • Pressure vessels code stamped ASME Section VIII and National Board Register;
  • Piping designed to ANSI B31.1 and B31.3;
  • Pipe fabrication to ASME Section IX;
  • Structural steel assembly designed to AWS D1.1.

Typical skid mounted truck loading metering system features:

  • System controlled with PLC and Flow Computer or batch controller (Preset);
  • Inlet and outlet manual operated isolation gate valves;
  • Back flow preventer (check valve);
  • Basket in-line strainer with pressure differential indicator;
  • Flow meter (Custody transfer approved);
  • Digital flow control valve with external pilot control loop NO/NC solenoids, strainer and opening/closing speed control;
  • Pressure safety/thermal relief valve;
  • RTD with thermo-well;
  • Pressure indicator;
  • Static ground monitoring;
  • Drain connections with manual operated isolation ball valves;
  • High quality industrial powder coating piping and base frame;
  • X-ray of circumferential butt weld pipe joints. (% level per code or customer requirements);
  • FAT and Hydro-testing of all piping;
  • System rated for NEC500 area classification (Cl1 Div1 or Cl1 Div2 are common). ATEX & other area classifications available.

Optional skid mounted truck loading metering system features:

  • Prover connections with one DB&B valve and two isolation gate valves;
  • Loading arm with break-way;
  • ESD valve with actuator and ESD pushbutton;
  • Operator HMI with network switch and printer;
  • Densitometer;
  • Pressure transmitter with local LCD;
  • Temperature transmitter with local LCD;
  • Complete tank monitoring;
  • Differential pressure switch/transmitter across basket strainer;
  • Overflow level switch;
  • Vapor recovery line;
  • Base frame with flat plate decking and containment lip;
  • Extended equipment warranties.

Go ahead, please give PumpingSol a call at +(1) 770.740.8866 and you will understand why our customers love us.