Recently, PumpingSol tested our newest built dust suppression spraying solution that will be installed at an alternative energy power plant in England.  We were pleased to have our clients from England and the USA to witness the test of the spill back dust suppression water spraying system.  The packaged system was designed and built by PumpingSol as way of capturing environmental waste before it escapes into the atmosphere.

PumpingSol has years of experience with these environmentally friendly solutions.  This particular spill back system includes a duplex high pressure pumping skid, two spraying lances with spill back nozzles and accessories.

During the test the clients conducted quality inspections and became familiarized with the booster skid and spraying lances.  After the initial introduction and instructions the booster skid system was tested to its design parameters and it functioned flawlessly. The concept of the spill back system, is to spray very fine atomized water particles into the dust suppression process.  This ensures the dust particles are captured by using a minimum amount of water mist, as the unused water returns back to the tank.

This spill back spraying package will be installed at a new power plant in England that is actually burning waste as the power source.  PumpingSol is excited to be part of this forward looking plant and bringing our expertise to the table.  Environmental regulations demand that the air released from the process meets the clean air requirements.  With the new dust suppression and spraying solutions in place, the locals are guaranteed clean air for years to come.