The engineering team at PumpingSol is ready to help you design the ideal cooling pumping package based on your specific requirements.

PumpingSol has engineered cooling pumping packaged systems from cooling of large industrial electrical panels to the cooling of process equipment in manufacturing, power generation and mining. This is accomplished through the use of plate and frame exchangers, chillers, cooling towers, airflow radiators, and various pumps to complete your cooling pumping package.

The knowledge and expertise of our design team sets us apart from others, we know no boundaries, we are flexible and adaptable to use cutting-edge technologies to tailor any cooling pumping package system for your specific application and unique requirements.

PumpingSol built: Industrial, Mining or commercial cooling systems are critical to many processes were heat is generated, at some stage of the process. These Systems will remove the heat while maintaining the quality of the heat transfer fluid throughout the lifetime of the entire heat transfer system.

Our typical cooling skids systems will use either air/water design, in this case outside air is used to remove heat from the inside cooling loop via large outdoor heat-exchangers. Or water/water, in this case cooling tower water (or water available from other sources), is used to cool the fine process coolant via a plate & frame heat-exchanger.

Some Cooling skids applications require low noise heat-exchangers, due to environmental concerns and local regulations. PumpingSol engineers will work with our clients to accommodate al the process needs while addressing the most stringent noise or environmental requirements.

In some cases the cooling skids have incorporated de-ionizing systems. These units are designed to remove the smallest particles of impurity from the water-coolant mixture, thus reducing the conductivity of the coolant and improving the reliability of the entire heat transfer system. The cooling skid is designed to include all the required process instrumentation to monitor and maintain the temperature ranges and water-coolant quality standards as needed by the specific applications. In addition, most skids have redundant (standby) pumps, especially were the process is very critical and the cooling skids cannot be stopped in the middle of the process.

Furthermore PumpingSol offers completely integrated control systems within the cooling skids boundaries. Our skids have controls ranging from basic to complex PLC and HMI integrated solutions. All PumpingSol built systems are designed & tested in-house by our team of engineers and technicians before they are shipped. We also offer full FAFT (factory acceptance floor test) in-house to our clients.

Cooling skids are used in the following applications:

  • Very high horse-power VFD installations,
  • Complex Electrical & Electronics installation, such as SVC’s that require heat removal,
  • High speed electromagnetic motors and auxiliaries,
  • Magnetic adjustable speed drives,
  • Critical Industrial, mining or process industry applications.