Dust is a common byproduct of industrial, mining, power generation, cement, steel or transportation processes and these may be subject to local, state or national regulatory compliance. Consequently, fluid misting or spraying packaged systems are used for such dust control or suppression applications. 

The goal is to pump and accurately control fluids through strategically placed lances with spray nozzles, creating a misting field of very-fine droplet sprays via high pressure pumps, or in some cases in combination with compressed air. The droplets bond with the dust and settle it by gravity.

PumpingSol’s in-house engineers & technicians have years of experience in fluid handling and process solutions and have designed many skid mounted fluid metering and boosting systems with spray lances and accessories for applications such as:

  • Air atomized dust suppression packages with the booster/metering skid, lances, and all accessories.
  • Flowback water spraying packages to include the water booster skid, lances, and all accessories (hoses, isolation, or control valves)….
  • High pressure misting/spraying packages to include the pump-skid unit, lances, and accessories.

   Our team has manufactured multiple misting and fluid injection systems for specific applications utilizing chemicals such as aqua-ammonia, urea, hydrogen peroxide and more. These packages include the process lances & nozzles, metering skids, storage-tanks with level and safety monitoring & truck unloading systems. Furthermore, optional controls and automation systems utilizing PLC technology can be supplied. Alternatively, these packages can be integrated with the end users DCS or plant controls system.

Dust management or control varies between industries and with location specifics. You can rest assured when you hire PumpingSol that our applications engineers will listen closely to you, ask the right questions, offer options and ultimately come up with the ideal solution for the specific fluid misting or spraying systems for your dust mitigation. 

Additionally, ROI (return on investment) is another critical element to consider. Therefore, at conceptual design we will take into account several performance factors including: fluid consumption, spraying and lance configurations, equipment efficiencies, site conditions, dust control effectiveness, and price of installation and maintenance. Ultimately, the misting (spraying) package system will be a cost efficient dust suppression solution.

Next time the need for a packaged misting or spraying system for dust control or suppression arises give PumpingSol a call. You won’t be disappointed and we welcome the opportunity to become your long term solutions partner.