Growing demand for low cost energy sources such as coal, construction materials, cement and other essential commodities for modern economies can negatively impact the air we breathe. Consequently, the requirements by national and local regulatory agencies for cleaner air have been tightening throughout the world and the need for spraying products for dust suppression has been increasing. Dust suppression protects the employees’ health, reduces site emissions, aids with housekeeping and increased efficiencies. The dust suppression process involves spraying (or injecting) water or other fluids to create a wet environment to facilitate the attraction of particles of varying sizes and concentration.

  PumpingSol has designed and built many complete spraying system skid packages to include the spraying lances, water booster or chemical fluid metering skids, spray manifolds, truck unloading systems and storage tanks for the liquid chemicals. These packages can be integrated with skid mounted (local) PLC controls, or remotely connected and monitored by a plant DCS system. 

   Here are a few types of packaged injection systems manufactured by PumpingSol: 

  • Air-atomization process. Uses air in addition to liquids to create a fine mist.
  • Spillback process. The unused water is returned to the source.
  • High pressure misting (spraying). Utilizing high pressure pumps to create the proper droplets size and concentration. (over 1500PSI)  
  • Some applications require barrier air on the spraying lances or other media for cooling. Please submit your application to one of our sales engineers to review your specific needs.

   In addition we have built several SCR and SNCR (selective non-catalytic reduction) spraying (injection) packages. These systems include the pumping skid, lances with nozzles, storage tanks, truck unloading and all field accessories. The SCR or SNCR systems use aqua-ammonia, urea and other chemical-fluids for emission controls and can also assist with particulate control in cement, mining, waste and power generation applications. On a recent cement plant test, the PumpingSol build SNCR ammonia injection (spraying) system has reduced the pollution by 80% from prior levels, substantially below regulations.  

    Our engineers work closely with our clients and vendors to provide options and solutions, with the purpose to have optimum performance for the job-specific application. Regulations and Location specific conditions, can influence the design requirements for flow, pressure, droplet sizes and concentration, to achieve and maintain required dust suppression consistently. All PumpingSol built injection systems for dust suppression are designed to cover the entire range of the process, by employing variable controls and instruments to cover a wide range of flows, pressures, droplet sizes, and air mixture for customized dust suppression.

    The PumpingSol Packaged Injection systems for dust suppression, are designed for optimal ROI. The injection system can be controlled via process monitoring control and feedback control-loop, to minimize the waste of water, chemicals and energy use when system is in idle mode. Furthermore, the number of spray nozzles & lances can vary per application and will be deployed strategically. Automated valves are employed to control their utilization. Moreover, we design the fluid spraying systems for continuous operation with redundancies, ease of use and reliability in mind.   

We offer in-house, pre-delivery, testing for our clients. This process allows our customers to test and get familiar with their new packaged spraying systems for dust suppression before installation in the field.  Give us a call and let team PumpingSol assist your company in providing the most efficient fluid injection skid system with lances, storage tanks & unloading skid, manifolds and all accessories customized for your specific dust suppression application, and you will appreciate why our clients become long term business partners.