Many applications at steel mills, cement, industrial, mining and waste-water processing plants use water spraying (misting) technologies to cool the process or the wastewater. The main purpose of the packaged spraying and cooling system is to dissipate heat (lowering the process temperature). While it’s difficult to calculate precisely heat dissipation, as there are multiple variables to consider such as process temperature, outside conditions, wet/dry bulb temperatures, in addition to, wind , liquid flow and temperature, a well-designed packaged spraying and cooling system will bring the process temperatures to the desired levels.

      An added benefit for deploying a packaged cooling spraying systems is emission control (or dust removal). Here the packaged water spraying system is used with a wet or wet-dry scrubber process. In such cases, water is sprayed via lances with nozzles strategically mounted inside the scrubber on top of incoming dirty gas. The result is a cleaner and cooler gas. Basically, water droplets (larger than relatively smaller dust particles) are forced into the dirty gas stream.  Water particles encroach and as a result the heavier wet particles drop by gravity. Later in the process, solids can be separated from the water which can be treated before re-use.   

       Some of the packaged cooling spraying systems are used in mining or cement industries when dry and dusty product is loaded onto trucks or rail cars via conveyors or other mechanical transfer methods. The purpose of the packaged cooling spraying system is to spray the right amount of water mist that facilitates cooling while suppressing the dust.     

       PumpingSol has designed and built several packaged cooling spraying systems to include the pump & metering-skid, in addition to spraying lances with nozzles and accessories. These packaged spraying systems are used mainly for dust suppression (environmental control) in addition to cooling. Skid mounted packages can be offered with all stainless steel piping and components, carbon steel or a combination, depending on the application.

      All PumpingSol built packaged spraying systems can be offered with local PLC & HMI controls options, in addition to, spraying lances, nozzles and all accessories. There are many advantages for automating the packaged cooling spraying systems, most notably an automated system will run only when the process conditions such as high temperature, dust concentration and other variables require the systems to run. In addition, an automated cooling-spraying system will meter just the right amount of water required for the process, thus minimizing water usage, energy and equipment run-time while benefiting both the client and the environment.

       Let PumpingSol build your next packaged spraying and cooling system and we will ensure that you will have a quality product and excellent customer satisfaction.