PumpingSol started in 1994 as a Georgia-based pump and panel company and has grown into an international supplier of complex skid mounted pumping systems. We have vast experience in design, manufacturing and pumping systems integration. Satisfied customers use hundreds of our pumping skids across North America and abroad.

Our systems are engineered to help companies solve process problems while maintaining a high level of quality and efficiency. Many of our customers tell us what they want the system to accomplish along with the basic parameters, and then our team of qualified engineers and technicians do the rest using the latest CAD design software. Customers with precise specifications and drawing packages will be pleased to learn that we do not cut corners, and we will meet their exact specifications. We are “the can do company.” We listen to our customer’s and we offer creative innovative solutions that target their particular needs. Give us a call today. We look forward to serving you.

Chemical Metering Skids
PumpingSol chemical metering pump skids are engineered packaged assemblies for accurate injection, mixing, blending or treatment of any liquid or chemical. Typical applications include additive metering systems, mixing systems, and precise sampling systems.

Chemical Feed Systems
PumpingSol offers a wide range of custom designed Chemical Feed Systems. We offer everything you need for a complete chemical feed system; from conceptual design to a pre-assembled, pre-piped, pre-wired, and pre-tested and ready set into place system to meet or exceed your expectations.

Water & Wastewater Chemical Metering
PumpingSol is heavily involved in the wastewater industry, providing custom designed chemical metering packages to handle your specific wastewater requirements. We have engineered chemical metering packages using polymer, pH controls, conductivity, and ORP technologies.

pH Control / Aggressive Chemicals
Pumping Solution has experience in pH control metering systems, with some of the most aggressive chemicals. We have build many pH control metering systems to handle harsh chemicals like sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, peroxide, caustic soda, urea, biocides, etc. All the piping components and parts that come in touch with the chemicals are chosen for chemical compatibility and design pressure. We use occasionally specially designed protective coatings to go over Steel or SS frames for corrosive environments.

Polymer Makedown & Feed Systems
PumpingSol is your one stop Polymer Makedown and Feed Systems solution. Our team is made up of leading experts in the field of polymer blending and chemical systems integration. Our Polymer Makedown technologies are born from twenty five years of experience gained from installations around the world. We offer complete systems including polymer storage tanks to silo systems, metering pumps with specialty chemical blenders, and simple discrete control panels or advanced PLC control systems all mounted on custom designed skids.

Heat Transfer Skids
Heat transfer skids are designed to meet your application whether it be heating or cooling. We offer snow melt heat transfer skids specifically for helipad snowmelt applications. They run a glycol mix (hydronics) to keep the deck clear from ice and snow during adverse conditions. These skids were shipped from our facility within two weeks of order.

Cooling Skids
PumpingSol has engineered cooling pumping package systems from cooling of large industrial electrical panels to the cooling of process equipment in manufacturing, power generation and mining. This is accomplished through the use of plate and frame exchangers, chillers, cooling towers, airflow radiators, and various pumps to complete your cooling pumping package.

Pulp & Paper Industry:

  • Metering application for any chemicals
  • 70% peroxide and other aggressive chemicals
  • Defoamers
  • Any type of polymer skid

Industrial Applications:

  • Snow melting systems using a variety of heat exchangers
  • Specialty chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing systems
  • Process cooling system for industrial and mining applications

Municipal Water & Wastewater Plants:

  • Chemical feed of sulfuric acid and any other aggressive chemicals
  • Ferric sulfate, zinc orthophosphate
  • Sodium hydroxide or any other liquid chemical dispensing
  • Polymer and press polymer skids

Pump & Systems Refurbishing:

  • In-house rebuilding and refurbishing of used systems
  • Onsite evaluation and repair