These skid mounted heat transfer systems are specifically designed for helipad snowmelt applications. On this pumping skid, the heating method is via a heat exchanger; using low-pressure steam to heat the water-glycol solution (hydronics) to keep the deck clear from ice and snow during adverse conditions. The temperature is set with a temperature controller located on the control panel. The controller sends a signal to the spring return actuated steam valve. An RTD (remote temperature device) senses the temperature on the discharge side of the heat exchanger and the controller modulates the steam valve to adjust temperature to set point.

The Heat Transferred Snow Melt System has the option of being turned on manually via a HOA switch on the pumping skid control panel, or the heat transferred system can be set in an Auto position where the unit is initiated by a signal from the snowmelt sensor.

The pumping system starts by initiating a low flow delay timer. In the event the heat transfer system fails or there is no flow, the pumping skid is equipped with an alarm. At the time of the alarm notification, the motor starter is de-energized and an audible alarm is activated. To annunciate the alarm, the operator will select the “off” position on the HOA. In the Hand mode the re-circulation pump starts and the low flow alarm is overridden.

These skids were shipped from our facility within 2 weeks of order.