PumpingSol has created a terminal management software called FAMSI and together with our fiscal metering skids we can handle all your terminal needs. The barcode can contain any vital information that the customer would like, useful information could include: a security code, the customer company name, the amount to load, the product to load, and any other necessary information that is important to your process. All the information in the barcode is encrypted and can only be read by scanners with encryption software, and any other devices that have the encryption code, including mobile barcode scanning devices. The barcode labels that we have offered contain two holographic images imprinted on them, one is a larger full logo and the other is a smaller image behind the barcode to give another level of security, the labels can also be purchased with background images. The labels are made of a material that is difficult rip.

This fully automated system can include:
1. FAMSI: PumpingSol’ s way of digitally tracking inventory, clients, product types, trucks, drivers, truck seals, transactions, employees, etc.
a. Digital processes for requesting, and approving transactions.
b. Automatic barcode printing, for customers to affix to their tickets.
c. Automated and on-demand reports.
2. Encrypted barcodes, with holographic stamps.
3. Digital portable handheld devices for truck check-in using secure barcodes to check validity of loading tickets.
a. Indicates whether a truck is valid for entry.
b. Allows for safety check to be done quickly and without paper.
4. Automated and automatic zone assignment, and easy lane assignment, only shows operators lanes that are available for the product that the truck is there to load.
5. Security Cameras in the gantry keep employees and drivers honest.
6. Automated truck filling.
a. Grounding unit, overfill unit, attendant safety switch, and PumpingSol’ s software allow compartments to be filled within .5%
b. Alarms and warnings keep operators informed of everything going on and what areas need attention.
c. Page/Party system allows operators and gantry attendants to communicate safely and quickly.
d. Truck seals ensure that the product get to its destination without tampering.
7. Automatic waybill printing at the end of filling.

The truck seals also have barcodes on them to ensure that all openings to the truck are closed off and stay closed until they reach their end destination. There are two seals that we have offered in the past, the first is a plastic seal that if a petroleum product gets on the seal it will deteriorate, the second is a metal seal that requires wire cutters to take off. The seals are also available with barcodes to ensure that the seal that is placed on the truck after filling is the same one that arrives to its final destination.